Velkommen til Firmaidrætten!

Welcome to our new website.

For a long time, we have got our new website in the air. In time, it will be a very good piece of tools that would make it easier for you and me, so we can both focus on what we really are for: exercise and socializing!

I know that there are errors on the page as it appears now - and you should be welcome to contact me at , and I will get them corrected .


This is generally our IT platform, which has had a huge boost. This giveren some challenges, so JEG will Bede om larmen tålmodighed and acceptere AF, ved tingene Ikke functions 100% from beginning of.


Do you experience anything , do you want to get in touch with someone , or if you have any questions , or you have questions - in short , are you welcome to contact me at and I will make sure that do something about your inquiry or forward to those who know more than me (and they are many of them!)

Men finally look around on our new website - it will be great!


Mange venlige hilsener

Jesper L. Bech